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Meet our engineers A brain injury rehabiliation support group
Ellis Parry, a male software engineer and CEO/Founder of neumind, an app to help people and their support network with rehabilitation

Ellis Parry

Recovery Champion

Life changed when my twin, Luke, had a fall ten years ago. We were studying engineering at university, but never could we have imagined how life would lead us to what we do now.

My journey

Other people might not grasp what it means to have an identical twin brother. But when Luke’s life changed so completely that day, mine did too. Luke suffered a devastating brain injury and was told he might never walk again. He was in a critical condition for a month, and while caring for him, I became aware of some of the problems in the healthcare system that might affect his recovery.  

I could see from the beginning how little support was available to Luke, how difficult the recovery journey was going to be, and how it would only get harder when he left hospital. I started wondering if there was any way I could use my engineering skills to address the problems I was seeing first-hand.

I could see that private healthcare or working with a neuropsychologist is hugely beneficial to  survivors, but for many people, it’s either unaffordable or not available at all. I felt I had to do something about it and that I could use my engineering mindset to help.

The mobile app we’ve built has been made with the help of clinical experts and our small team. It’s low-cost and  accessible, and it’s tailored to meet the unique needs of brain injury survivors. It’s been developed thanks to the patient groups who have let me, let us, understand what recovery looks like and feels like.


Founder/CEO at Neumind
Favourite part of engineering
Engineering can help to improve lives
Qualification path
GCSEs, A levels, University
Ellis Parry, a male software engineer and CEO/Founder of neumind, an app to help people and their support network with rehabilitation

Ellis - recovery champion

A brain injury rehabiliation support group

Ellis with his twin brother, Luke

Person looking at a neumind screen on a mobile device

Ellis testing software

Two male software engineers looking at code on a desktop screen

Ellis working with a colleague

Why engineering?

Engineering can help to improve lives. The app is helping people with brain injuries live more independent and fulfilling lives and it is supporting people and their families get long-term access to neurorehabilitation and support.

My brother Luke is now training to become a paralympic athlete. Our whole family is so proud of him, and of the odds he is constantly beating. Seeing Luke overcome extraordinary challenges, doing things like gaining a place in the GB Paralympic Development Squad, that is what spurs me on to continue to use engineering to develop something that can transform lives.

"Engineering teaches problem solving, and Luke’s injury inspired me to action."

— Ellis - co founder of Neumind
See how Ellis uses engineering to help those recovering from brain injuries. This video was partly filmed at Headway East London, a Hackney-based charity that works to improve the lives of people living with brain injuries across 13 London boroughs.

Career timeline


A levels

Masters degree


PHD at Oxford in Engineering

Founder / CEO at Neumind

Founder and CEO of Neumind, an app designed to help people with a neurological injury or condition

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