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Become an engineer

Academic learning

If you enjoy school and a mixture of practicals and lessons works well for you, then consider the academic route into engineering. For example, after GCSEs you could complete A levels at college or sixth form.

Tanda Kabanda: Female software engineer presents on whiteboard to her team

Is an academic learning route into engineering for you?

If you enjoy school and learning using a mixture of practicals and lessons works best for you, then consider taking the academic route into engineering. This would mean starting sixth form or college after your GCSEs and completing A levels, International Baccalaureate(IB) or Scottish Highers. 

Subject choices for engineering

You might want to consider how your subject choices match your interests and any future job or study requirements. If you think engineering could be for you it is worth thinking about what A level subjects will give you the best opportunity to get into engineering in the future.

  • Generally, A level Maths and Physics are needed for most engineering degree courses. However, some engineering degrees such as chemical engineering, may require Chemistry and Maths instead. Each university course will have separate requirements.
  • A level IT/computing, Design Technology, Languages, Chemistry, Biology and other subjects may be required to get onto an engineering degree course.

Have a look on UCAS to find out more about entry requirements for different engineering degree courses. 

After academic study

Find out more below about to get into engineering after academic study